Taxes & Legislation for Suriname

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Labor law

The labor law provides provisions regarding work. Labor law is a specific part of the law and forms an integral part of social law. Employment law is…

  • Labor law Suriname
OV - Accident insurance

This accident regulation is a law for employers' obligation to insure employees for the costs of medical care and loss of income as a result of an…

  • OV Suriname

Not every employee enjoys a vacation in the summer. There are even employees who take very few days off each year. Arguments that they give for this…

  • Labor law Suriname

An employer is obliged to ensure adequate safety and working conditions at work. This means that the materials, tools and machines with which the…

  • Labor law Suriname
Employer and employee relationship

Labor law is a specific part of law and forms an integral part of social law. Employment law is about the relationship between an employer and an…

  • Labor law Suriname
Income tax

Income tax is a tax on persons or entities that varies with respective income or profits. Income tax is generally calculated as the product of a tax…

  • Income tax Suriname
Wage tax

Wage tax is a tax deducted by the employer from the employee's wage. The employer pays this tax to the Tax Authorities on behalf of the…

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Suriname
AOV - General Old Age Insurance

The AOV stands for General Old Age Insurance. This is a national insurance policy that guarantees the provision of a basic pension to those who have…

  • AOV Suriname
WAZ - General Health Insurance Act

The General Health Insurance Act (WAZ) is a basic health insurance policy.  All residents of Suriname, including foreigners living in Suriname,…

  • WAZ Suriname
Minimum wage

If you work and you are younger than the AOW age, you are entitled to the statutory minimum wage, your employer may not pay you less, but more. The…

  • Minimum wage Suriname

The Pension Funds and Provisions Act provides rules and conditions in this…

  • Pension Suriname
Bonus / Gratification

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Suriname
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