Pension from employer (APNA)

Updated on October 3, 2019

Every public servant and member of the staff of public-law legal persons and of teaching staff participate in the APC pension scheme. Others can also opt to build up this attractive retirement pension and register with the APC. For this purpose, the employer must be designated by national decree as a legal person whose staff members are subject to the government employees' pension regulation for their pension entitlements. This possibility is available, for example, for employees of institutions that, in view of their objective and financial relationship with the government, engage in a field of advocacy that the government takes as its own concern and is close to the government in financial terms.

A national ordinance is a law adopted by the government and parliament together. Before a national ordinance can be adopted, the government must seek advice on the proposal from the Advisory Council. A national ordinance therefore has the same force as a law.


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