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WAZ - General Health Insurance Act

The General Health Insurance Act (WAZ) is a basic health insurance policy.  All residents of Suriname, including foreigners living in Suriname,…

  • WAZ Suriname
Minimum wage

If you work and you are younger than the AOW age, you are entitled to the statutory minimum wage, your employer may not pay you less, but more. The…

  • Minimum wage Suriname

The Pension Funds and Provisions Act provides rules and conditions in this…

  • Pension Suriname
Bonus / Gratification

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Suriname
Elderly allowance and additional transferable elderly allowance

In the wage tax manual you can read: An employee who has reached the age of 60 at the start of the calendar year is entitled to the elderly…

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Curaçao
Payroll tax statement

An employer or a recognized benefit agency must withhold wage tax and social insurance from the wage and transfer it to the tax authorities. They are…

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Bonaire / Sint Eustatius / Saba
Wage tax and premiums manual

From 2011, the Tax Authorities / Caribbean Netherlands publishes an annual manual for everyone to make has withholding and paying wage tax / national…

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Bonaire / Sint Eustatius / Saba
National holidays Aruba

The Labor & Research Department sets the official holidays for…

  • National holidays Aruba
Minimum wage 2020

The minimum wage of a worker who has reached the age of 18 years will be adjusted as per January 1, 2020, to Afl. 1.835,15 per month and Afl.…

  • Minimum wage Aruba
2020 General Pension

Increase in general pension ORANJESTAD - The Social Security Bank (SVB) announces that by the decision of the Council of Ministers, the pensions…

  • Pension Aruba
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