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Health insurance

The health insurance policy applies since 1 January 2011 and provides medical care and long-term care. All insured persons with an income pay a…

  • Medical insurance Bonaire / Sint Eustatius / Saba

The term expats, or expatriate, is generally known and many have a certain image, but a generally accepted definition of this group of foreign…

  • Ex-Patriate Bonaire / Sint Eustatius / Saba
Labor law

The labor law provides provisions regarding work. Labor law is a specific part of the law and forms an integral part of social law. Employment law is…

  • Labor law Suriname
OV - Accident insurance

This accident regulation is a law for employers' obligation to insure employees for the costs of medical care and loss of income as a result of an…

  • OV Suriname

Not every employee enjoys a vacation in the summer. There are even employees who take very few days off each year. Arguments that they give for this…

  • Labor law Suriname

An employer is obliged to ensure adequate safety and working conditions at work. This means that the materials, tools and machines with which the…

  • Labor law Suriname
Employer and employee relationship

Labor law is a specific part of law and forms an integral part of social law. Employment law is about the relationship between an employer and an…

  • Labor law Suriname
Income tax

Income tax is a tax on persons or entities that varies with respective income or profits. Income tax is generally calculated as the product of a tax…

  • Income tax Suriname
Wage tax

Wage tax is a tax deducted by the employer from the employee's wage. The employer pays this tax to the Tax Authorities on behalf of the…

  • Wage tax and fiscal allowances Suriname
AOV - General Old Age Insurance

The AOV stands for General Old Age Insurance. This is a national insurance policy that guarantees the provision of a basic pension to those who have…

  • AOV Suriname
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