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Small Income Allowance

Small income allowance is a contribution to the cost of living. In principle, this is granted on request to the employee who is registered as a…

  • Small Income Allowance Aruba

A stevedore, longshoreman, docker or dockworker is a waterfront manual laborer who is involved in loading and unloading ships, trucks, trains or…

  • Labor Law Aruba

The vacation regulation applies to all employees who work on an employment contract. An employment contract can be entered into verbal and in…

  • Labor Law Aruba

An employer is obliged to ensure adequate safety and working conditions at work. This means that the materials, tools and machines that the employees…

  • Labor Law Aruba
ZV - Compensation in the event of illness

An employee who becomes unable to work as a result of illness is, in principle, entitled to cash benefits, called sickness benefit. This is formally…

  • SVB (ZV/OV) Aruba
Social wage limits & Premiums

In addition to the statutory withholding tax, various employee premiums and allowances are also processed and paid to the SZV (executive body) via…

  • Social premium and wage limits Sint Maarten
AOV - General Old Age Insurance

The AOV stands for General Old Age Insurance. This is a national insurance policy that guarantees the provision of a basic pension to those who have…

  • AOV/AWW Sint Maarten
AWW - General Widow and Orphan Insurance

The abbreviation stands for General Widow and Orphan Insurance. This is a general insurance policy that guarantees financial support to a spouse…

  • AOV/AWW Sint Maarten
AVBZ - Special medical expenses

The AVBZ is a national insurance policy to which the solidarity principle applies. The law covers the risks of the high costs of often lifelong care…

  • AVBZ Sint Maarten
Employer and employee relationship

Labor law is a specific part of law and forms an integral part of social law. Employment law is about the relationship between an employer and an…

  • Labor Law Sint Maarten
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