Wage costs-saving measures & SVB wages and Sickness Pay

Matthew Verhage
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Wage costs-saving measures, tax-friendly payment methods & SVB wage components and SVB Sickness Pay / Wage-Loss 80%/100%

About this course

This knowledge concerns a solid and necessary basis for Senior Payroll Administrators and HR employees.

In this part of the training it will become clear how you can easily save wage costs and in which situations it is possible that both employer and employee experience benefits. You will also be taught which wage components are included in the SVB wages over which ZVOV premiums are applicable. Finally, it is explained when and how you should request SVB 80% or 100% Sickness Pay at the SVB.

Topics that will be presented in this training are:

1) What is meant by the term 'wage' when we refer to the Sickness and Accident Insurance.

2) What does the SVB not consider as wages.

3) What does tax-friendly payment methods mean, including examples thereof.

4) When, how and where do you request the SVB wage loss?

After this training you can apply your knowledge to save wage costs and tax-friendly wage payments in your own payroll administration. In addition, you know the procedure for applying for Wage Loss and you can assess whether certain wage components are determined as SVB-wage or not.

You will learn about

Wage costs-saving measures
Tax-friendly payment methods
SVB wage components
SVB Sickness Pay
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