Sickness and Maternity leave & AOV/AWW insurances

Matthew Verhage
Course Code

Explanation and application of regulations and procedures in the event of sickness and Legislation regarding Maternity leave & explanation AOV/AWW insurances

About this course

This knowledge concerns a solid and necessary basis for Payroll Administrators and HR employees.

In this section you learn to apply legislation in the event of sickness/disability to work, and to recognize the differences between SVB and non-SVB insured employees.

You will also learn about the new legislation on pregnancy & maternity leave and you will learn what is insured according to the AOV/AWW insurance.

After this training you know the correct procedures in case of sickness/disability to work and new laws and regulations about pregnancy of employees. And you will be able to explain the AOV/AWW insurance to employees.

You will learn about

Maternity leave
(not) SVB insured
Relatively short time
AOV insurance
AWW insurance
SVB-yellow card
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