SBAB Wage Tax Audits

Matthew Verhage
Course Code

Points for attention and handling of the stichting BAB Wage Tax Audit

About this course

This knowledge concerns a solid and necessary basis for Senior Payroll Administrators and HR employees.

In this part of the training you will be prepared for the Wage Tax audit by SBAB. You will see a real BAB case in which all facets of a BAB audit will occur. You will also get access to the response to SBAB on the relevant BAB audit.

After this training you are ready to assess whether your payroll administration is BAB-proof and because you know how SBAB conducts its audits, you can already determine the risks and take any measures to prevent assessments and fines.

You will learn about

SBAB audit
Wage Tax
Connection Summary wage sheet
Flexible workers
Article 45 cases
Taxed fringe benefits
BAB announcement
Points for attention BAB audit
BDO response to BAB report
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