Periodic obligatory filings & Internship allowances

Matthew Verhage
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Monthly and annual obligations for employers & Processing Trainee allowances

About this course

This knowledge concerns a solid and necessary basis for Payroll Administrators and HR employees.

In this part of the training the obligatory monthly declarations, such as the Wage Tax premium, AOV/AWW premium, AVBZ premium, the BVZ premium and the SVB Sickness and Accident premium will be explained. 

In addition, the submission of the annual documents to the Tax Authorities and the SOAW will be explained. Examples include the submission of the summary wage statement, the wage tax card and the SOAW personnel statement.

You will also be explained how an internship allowance must be processed in the payroll administration.

After this training you are aware of the monthly and annual declaration obligations and you will know what measures you should take to process the internship allowance correctly in the payroll administration.

You will learn about

Wage Tax declaration
SVB declaration
Summary wage statement
CSV Verzamelloonstaat
Article 45 cards
Wage Statements
Wage Tax cards
Staff statement SOAW
Trainee compensation
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