Cessantia National Ordinance

Matthew Verhage
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Application of "National Ordinance Cessantia" & Cessantia calculations

About this course

This knowledge concerns a solid and necessary basis for Senior Payroll Administrators and HR employees.

In this part of the training, the Cessantia National Ordinance is reviewed and explained in a simple manner, in which rules are determined about the employer's obligation to pay a one-off financial benefit at the end of an employment contract. You will also learn how to legally avoid this obligatory payment and a calculation will be made of a gross Cessantia lumpsum based on the legislation.

Topics that will be addressed during this training are as follows:

  • What does Cessantia entails?
  • When is an employee entitled to a Cessantia benefit and when not?
  • How much is the Cessantia benefit?  
  • What is the limitation period?
  • Who is the implementing body of the Cessantia benefit?
  • How do you determine the annual employer contribution?

After this training you can apply the Cessantia National Ordinance and explain it to your employees and assess the correct situations when you as an employer are required to pay a Cessantia benefit.

You will learn about

Severance pay
One-time allowance
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