Courses for Curaçao

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SVB Social premiums & Wage Tax

Application of social premiums & Wage tax tables & gross/net calculations

  • 4 hours Curaçao
Wages in kind / Taxed fringe benefits

Application of wages in kind (taxed fringe benefits) & gross/net calculations

  • 3 hours Curaçao
Fiscal allowances & (un)taxed expense allowances

Application of fiscal allowances (taxable discounts) & legislation on (un)taxed expense allowances & gross/net calculations

  • 3 hours Curaçao
Periodic obligatory filings & Internship allowances

Monthly and annual obligations for employers & Processing Trainee allowances

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Sickness and Maternity leave & AOV/AWW insurances

Explanation and application of regulations and procedures in the event of sickness and Legislation regarding Maternity leave & explanation AOV/AWW insurances

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Celery Payroll software training

Would you like to learn how Celery Payroll works? Follow a training and learn all the ins & outs of the software.

  • 3.5 hours Curaçao
Expatriate wages & expat calculations

Explanation and application "Ministerial regulation Ex-patriates 2013" & gross-net Ex-patriate salary calculations

  • 3 hours Curaçao
Working time, working hours and overtime

Application "Arbeidsregeling 2000" - legal overtime and holiday allowances and difference between non-schedule and schedule workers

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Employment relationships and characteristics & Social insurances

Assessment of employment relationships and employment characteristics & Social insurance obligations

  • 2 hours Curaçao
National Ordinance on Wage Tax 1976

Application of fiscal legislation "National Ordinance on Wage Tax 1976"

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Cessantia National Ordinance

Application of "National Ordinance Cessantia" & Cessantia calculations

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Pension allowances & Pension premium

Prepare gross-net pension calculations, "Pension Legislation" & how to process pension premium correct in the payroll administration

  • 2 hours Curaçao
Wage costs-saving measures & SVB wages and Sickness Pay

Wage costs-saving measures, tax-friendly payment methods & SVB wage components and SVB Sickness Pay / Wage-Loss 80%/100%

  • 2 hours Curaçao
SBAB Wage Tax Audits

Points for attention and handling of the stichting BAB Wage Tax Audit

  • 2 hours Curaçao
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